We Manufacture Quality Parts on Time to Satisfy Our Customer’s Needs

We at X-Cell precision practice lean manufacturing and set up reduction skills as far as work cells. With easy access to machinery, we are able to run multiple machines or operations with a single operator. If and when possible, we group parts to make more efficient turn around times. Permanent tooling creates easier and faster set-up times which can be passed on to our customers for reduced costs on repeat set-ups.



We can also help design, engineer, and assist in most manufacturing projects. We personally feel that there is no job too big or small to accomplish with the right teamwork and attitude. X-Cell Precision hopes to produce quality parts for our customers for years to come. We guarantee to put forth the extra effort to continuously grow not only as a company, but with our customers as well.


ISO 9001-2008 Compliant! In process of ITAR Certification

About Us

Our modern production methods and dedicated team set us apart from others in the industry. Find out more.