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Our CNC Milling department is dedicated to producing the highest quality parts through innovative milling operations. All operations are planned, conducted, and monitored by standard operating procedures to ensure maximum efficiency and quality to the highest possible standard. Utilizing efficient and creative operations allows our milling department to reduce overall machining time and allow for fast turnaround of high quality product.


2-5 axis of progressive machining

Precision to +/- .0001" 


Order volume from single piece to full scale production.

Vertical Milling Machines In-House

2 - Mazak V-10 3-Axis CNC Vertical Machining Centers

 30" travel X axis, 20" travel Y axis, 20" travel Z, axis 30 tool change, 15 HP


1 - Mazak v-10N 3-Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center

 47" travel X axis, 25" travel Y axis, 27" travel Z axis, 30 tool change, 20 HP

1 - Haas VF-1D (Additional Fourth Axis CNC w/ CRT)

20" travel X axis, 16" travel Y axis, 20" travel Z axis, 20 tool change, 20 HP

1 - Clausing Kondia FV-1 Mill

30" travel X axis, 18" travel Y axis, 15" travel Z, power feed with 3 axis digital mitutoya monitor with digital quill

1 - Haas HRTa6 Indexer

100°/sec, Runout of .0005", accuracy (±) 15 arc-sec, resolution .001"

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