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Our CNC turning department is focused on delivering the highest quality parts in tandem with our milling department. Seamless operations are achieved through careful process planning and execution. X-cell's standard operating procedures ensure maximum efficiency. Whether standalone turning operations, or secondary milling operations are required, rapid turnaround and quality control are maintained.


2-5 axis of progressive machining

Precision to +/- .0001" 


Order volume from single piece to full scale production.

Turning Machines In-House

1 - Haas TL-2 CNC Lathe

16" x 48" 2500 rpm 15HP spindle motor 3 inch bar capacity


1 - Haas ST-10 CNC Lathe   

14" x 14" 6000 rpm 15HP spindle motor with  tail stock

1 - Haas SL-30

34" x 30" 3400 RPM 30 HP spindle motor with 3 inch bar capacity 

1 - Miyano LD-41

8" x 10" 4000 RPM 5 HP 

Coming Soon

Swiss Star SB16c

Live Tooling Turning Center

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